Interactive streaming services on ultra-high-resolution synchrotron 3D scans of human anatomy

With a brand-new generation of high-energy synchrotron, the ESRF is the world’s brightest X-ray source and a centre of excellence for fundamental and innovation-driven research in condensed and living matter science.

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Groundbreaking cloud service creates great opportunities for education and learning

Visualization Center C in Norrköping, Sweden is the first in Europe to use Interspectral’s new streaming service Inside Explorer Cloud™. Together with Science Center Singapore, Visualization Center C is leading the way in using and displaying scientific data to a wider audience. The center, a long-standing customer of Interspectral’s visualization solutions is always keen to […]

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Ny banbrytande molntjänst skapar stora möjligheter för lärande

Visualiseringscenter C i Norrköping är först i Sverige med att använda Interspectrals nya molntjänst Inside Explorer Cloud™. Tillsammans med Science Center Singapore leder Visualiseringscenter C vägen för att kunna använda och visa vetenskaplig data för en bredare publik. Centret har använt sig av Interspectrals visualiseringslösningar under lång tid och är alltid ute efter den senaste […]

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Research data meets visualization technology at the world’s first public visualization lab

Sweden’s national science center Universeum in Gothenburg is premiering a completely new learning environment called Vislab. The lab uses visualization technology to help young people and adults better understand the world – and how it is connected with 14 different interactive stations divided into five themes: sea and water, forest and land, society, man and […]

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Interspectral launches new web service with customer in Singapore – interactive educational 3D experiences on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Today Interspectral launches its new Inside Explorer Cloud™, an interactive 3D streaming web service that makes exploring educational 3D visualization experiences possible on any device, anywhere. Scientific 3D visualization – a game changer in education  Thomas Rydell, CEO, and Co-founder of Interspectral says “We know that using scientific 3D visualization within education and visitor experience settings is very successful. We can gain knowledge from 3D scans […]

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New project with Danish Cancer Society

Interspectral has signed a new agreement with the Danish Cancer Society. Together the parties will develop a new immersive interactive exhibit about cancer. The exhibit will be based on CT scans from cancer patients.  The interactive will be a part of a larger exhibition at the Danish Cancer Society visitor center in Copenhagen. The exhibition […]

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Explore CT scans of Field Museum mummies on gaming platform Steam

From 26th of June, natural history fans all over the world have been able to take a close look at the Field Museum’s mummies—really, really close. Detailed CT scans of the mummies are available for download from the gaming platform Steam, enabling users to explore the mummies from the comfort of their own homes.   Inside […]

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Meet Dr. Prof. Javier Alba-Tercedor – one of our content partners

Dr. Prof. Javier Alba-Tercedor has been fascinated by insects for as long as he can remember. Even as a child he spent hours watching the ants wander and imagining walking inside the ant-hill galleries. This was before TV, computer games, or other distractions, and with a father telling stories in which he mixed fantasy with […]

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Making Inside Explorer available to everyone

At Interspectral, we talk a lot about making science accessible to the public, and bridging the gap between research and education. To achieve this mission of ours, we have worked actively with engaging 3D-visualizations and interactive exhibitions for public environments, and we have delivered educating science experiences to visitors for five years. This spring, we […]

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Monash Tech School evaluates Inside Explorer during a three month trial.

Monash Tech Shool in Australia, has entered an agreement with Interspectral to evaluate Inside Explorer during a three month trial starting in november 2019. Monash Tech School is one of ten tech school in the state of Victoria providing secondary students with high-tech learning environments and innovative, problem-based education. The Inside Explorer software will run […]

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