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We develop Inside Explorer – an interactive and intuitive software with volumetric rendering and 3D-visualization of real captured data.

With the largest content library of cross scientific items, our customers use Inside Explorer for education, for public display and for professional use.

Corona exhibition

Based on real scientific data

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Our most detailed human anatomy dataset

3D-visualization solutions for industry, museum & science communication and education


Interspectral offers software and custom solutions for professional 3D visualization. We are experts on creating tools that transform your complex volumetric  3D data into an easy-to-use experience.

Museum & Science Communication

Interspectral works with leading museums, science centers and aquariums world wide to create interactive in gallery experiences based on real scientfic data.


Inside Explorer is used worldwide to create educational experiences allowing users to learn about a wide variety of subjects including human anatomy, mummies and Martian meteorites.


The students (and staff) will find the tables extremely engaging. They allow for collaboration and there is enormous scope to use them in our programs.

Sofia Fiusco, Director at Ballarat Tech School



The in-gallery touch-table enables people to explore how mummified remains tell us about the age, sex, health and beliefs of ancient Egyptian people.

Dr James Fraser, Senior Curator at the Nicholson Museum



With help from the technology, the mummies become so much stronger mediators of knowledge of our past.

Elna Nord, Exhibition Producer at The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern



Few people could fail to be impressed with the detail in which insects are shown which will hopefully translate into a greater interest in invertebrates.

Amanda Callaghan, Curator at the Cole Museum of Zoology



educational 3d content based on scientific data

The Corona exhibition for Inside Explorer is finalized.

Since early March, we have been developing an exhibit on the new Corona virus for Inside Explorer. At Interspectral we ...
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Interspectral raises 4 MSEK in investment

Interspectral raises 4 million sek in investment from investors Lars Svensson - Rambas, Thorbjörn Fors - Fluvius and Östersidan förvaltning ...

Science Centre Singapore once again takes the lead on Interspectral’s novel Corona Exhibition

Back in 2012, the Science Centre Singapore implemented an Inside Explorer table as our very first customer outside of Sweden. ...