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Making the inside visible.

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Interspectral develops Inside Explorer – an interactive and intuitive software with volumetric rendering and 3D-visualization of real captured data.

With the largest content library of cross scientific items, our customers use Inside Explorer for education, for public display and for professional use. Inside Explorer is flexible and adjustable and can display any scanned item for exploration and investigation.


Georgia Aquarium chooses Inside Explorer after evaluation

Georgia Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in the world, is currently planning a new public gallery to open in ...

New partnership with Universeum, the Nordic region’s most visited science center

Interspectral just entered a partnership with Universeum in Gothenburg, the Nordic region's most visited science center. Universeum will during spring ...

New solution lets you visualise massive CAD files online

Together with RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Interspectral have developed a visualization solution that makes it possible for enterprises to ...