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Interspectral develops Inside Explorer – an interactive and intuitive software with volumetric rendering and 3D-visualization of real captured data.

With the largest content library of cross scientific items, our customers use Inside Explorer for education, for public display and for professional use. Inside Explorer is flexible and adjustable and can display any scanned item for exploration and investigation.


Interspectral and Siemens develop visualization tool for industrialization of additive manufacturing

Siemens gas turbine business in Finspång, a pioneer in the development of additive manufacturing, enters a collaboration with Swedish company ...

YXLON and Interspectral together at ToScA, Florida

At the Tomography for Scientific Advancement Symposium (ToScA), March 6th-8th, YXLON and Interspectral joined forces to enhance future possibilities to ...

Kew Gardens transforms scientific data into an interactive educational experience with Inside Explorer

On March 21, the Millennium Seed Bank, a key part of Kew Gardens at Wakehurst Place in the UK, opened ...