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Experimentarium in Denmark to show the Corona Exhibition in a whole new way

Ever since 1991, millions of curious children and adults have been exploring the world through science and technology together at the world class science center Experimentarium, located in Hellerup, Denmark. In 2017 they reinvented themselves and opened in a new and larger building with many new exhibitions, making them one of the biggest science centers […]

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TELUS World of Science Edmonton on a sunny day

TELUS World of Science installs Canada’s first Corona Exhibition

TELUS World of Science in Edmonton is not only a recent owner of the new Corona Exhibition, but also our very first customer in Canada to buy and display Inside Explorer. In order to get to know the science center better and learn all about their plans for the Corona Exhibit, we talked to Jennifer Bawden, Senior […]

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five phases of covid-19 lung CT scans

Dr Altair Costa reveal the aggressive spread hidden in Covid-19 infected lungs

When Covid-19 hit the world, Interspectral begun searching for experts in the field with the objective of compiling educational and informative material for its global customers. The purpose was to teach and engage users by combining real captured data with validated facts from research and specialists. Great effort was put into creating a validated and […]

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The Corona exhibition for Inside Explorer is finalized.

Since early March, we have been developing an exhibit on the new Corona virus for Inside Explorer. At Interspectral we do have a lot of experience in working with sensitive data of, for example, human remains and within cultural heritage. We know the importance of treating objects and subjects with respect and consideration. But no […]

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Science Centre Singapore once again takes the lead on Interspectral’s novel Corona Exhibition

Back in 2012, the Science Centre Singapore implemented an Inside Explorer table as our very first customer outside of Sweden. Once again, they have taken the lead on something new. We are happy to announce that in autumn 2020, the Science Centre Singapore will be installing a digital exhibit for Inside Explorer featuring the COVID-19 […]

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Explore CT scans of Field Museum mummies on gaming platform Steam

From 26th of June, natural history fans all over the world have been able to take a close look at the Field Museum’s mummies—really, really close. Detailed CT scans of the mummies are available for download from the gaming platform Steam, enabling users to explore the mummies from the comfort of their own homes.   Inside […]

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Two sets of kids hands using a touch screen to learn about animal anatomy through 3D visualisations

Are interactives a problem? – 6 ways to showcase your content while keeping people safe

Most museums and Science centers use interactives to display exhibitions, communicate with their visitors, and offer experiments in “touch & learn” environments. COVID-19 has shed new light on touch screens in our public venues and the difficulties with bacterial and viral contamination have been brought to discussion. How can we make it safe to interact […]

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Explore the novel Coronavirus exhibition for Inside Explorer

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, more than ever, the importance of science communication. The novel Coronavirus exhibit in Inside Explorer communicates scientific research on the SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 in a way that makes it easier to grasp the ever changing reality we are living in. Discover the invisible core The COVID-19 related exhibition […]

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Digital museums, the future?

Ben Moreno, the founder and CEO of IMA Solutions will serve us a topical story in our upcoming webinar session: That is the process of digitizing a museum and making it interactive online. For more than ten years, IMA Solutions has worked with the largest French and international museums such as the British Museum and […]

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Meet Dr. Prof. Javier Alba-Tercedor – one of our content partners

Dr. Prof. Javier Alba-Tercedor has been fascinated by insects for as long as he can remember. Even as a child he spent hours watching the ants wander and imagining walking inside the ant-hill galleries. This was before TV, computer games, or other distractions, and with a father telling stories in which he mixed fantasy with […]

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