Experimentarium in Denmark to show the Corona Exhibition in a whole new way

Ever since 1991, millions of curious children and adults have been exploring the world through science and technology together at the world class science center Experimentarium, located in Hellerup, Denmark. In 2017 they reinvented themselves and opened in a new and larger building with many new exhibitions, making them one of the biggest science centers in Europe.

In the spirit of development, Experimentarium purchased the Coronavirus Exhibit for Inside Explorer as a contribution to their existing human biology exhibition. We did a short Interview with Poul Kattler, Exhibition Developer at Experimentarium to hear about their plans.

How will you use the Corona Exhibition at your venue?

Kattler tells that the Interspectral exhibit will be integrated with a large screen containing three games or simulations about spreading of virus and with quizzes about epidemic facts. “We were so lucky to raise some money to develop a small new section about virus, epidemics and prevention in an existing exhibition about the human biology.”, says Kattler.

Instead of having the Corona Exhibit as a standalone digital exhibit, they will offer several interactive options to attract people of different ages and level of knowledge. The visitors will be able to go from one game to another without walking over to another screen.

How can Inside Explorer and the Corona exhibit enhance the experience while visiting you?

“We included the Corona exhibit from Interspectral because it could contribute with some remarkable features, we could not make ourselves.”

He tells that with this exhibit visitors can go deep into the infected lungs with original 3D-scans (which are stunning) and study the virus itself in 3D. “The interface is easy, explorative and I hope our visitors will spend some time here – it is much more than an advanced textbook.”, Kattler adds.

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The list of venues that will be displaying the digital exhibit on COVID-19 include Science Centre Singapore, TELUS World of Science – Edmonton, Norsk Teknisk Museum in Norway, Universeum and Tekniska Museet in Sweden.


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