Fuse, visualize and explore your metal AM process data in 3D

AM Explorer is a visualization software package that makes it possible to fuse, explore and analyze simulation, monitoring and post build part analysis data from the metal additive manufacturing process.

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Transform monitoring data to insights



AM Explorer is data and vendor agnostic and can import a large variety of industry standard formats.



AM Explorer can aggregate and fuse data in different formats and types in the same visual environment, both in 2D and 3D.



With help of an powerful but intuitive UI you can explore the data and gain new insights.

Designed for
metal AM

A 3D digital twin for Additive manufacturing

AM Explorer is a software designed specifically for users working with process monitoring and quality assurance in additive manufacturing.

Fuse and analyze your data

AM Explorer makes it possible to fuse, explore and analyze all simulation, monitoring and post build analysis data collected in the manufacturing process.

Accelerate your quality assurance process

AM Explorer makes it easier for users to analyze process data and will thereby reduce manufacturing costs, improve quality, and accelerate the application development.

Understand your AM process and save resources

The Problem

To improve and industrialize the AM process the industry needs to capture, explore and understand large amounts of data from the entire manufacturing process.

Our Solution

We developed AM Explorer specifically for the metal AM market. AM Explorer enables users to explore and understand the data they collect, regardless what systems and sensors they use.

The Benefits

AM Explorer makes it easier for users to explore and understand their process data, leading to:

Reduced manufacturing costs
Improved quality
Faster application development
Less trial and error

Designed by and for the metal AM Industry

  • Industry end users
  • Machine / material manufacturers
  • Solution and service providers
  • Quality and inspection specialists
  • Research organisations and labs

A flexible software with many applications

Anomaly detection

Detection of process abnormalities and part defects.


Side by side comparison between multiple build jobs to detect variations.

Presentation & Communication

Visually communicate problems and possibilities to stake holders e.g. designers, management, suppliers, customers.

Anomaly analysis

Understanding the root cause of known abnormalities and part defects.

Correlation analysis

Explore correlation between simulated data, monitoring data and post build part analysis.

Training & Education

Training of operators, designers & other key people in the process.

AM Explorer features

Powerful 3D Visualization

  • 3D visualisation
  • 3D volume rendering
  • Point cloud rendering
  • Data fusion
  • Heat map visualisation

2D Visualization

  • Interactive 2D line charts
  • Multiple charts
  • Zoom and overview

Designed for metal AM

  • Designed specifically for user within metal AM

Supports large variety of data types

  • Supports a large variety of data types used within the AM industry
  • E.g. Image data, voxel data, point clouds, meshes, time series, shapes and CAD data
  • Import Powder bed images, OT, Meltpool, CT scans, Simulations, CAD files, meteorology data, machine parameters etc.

Fast and powerful image viewing

  • Image stack navigation
  • Re-slice the stack (xyz)
  • Image filtering

Data and vendor agnostic

  • Works with any printer manufacturer
  • Import data from different printers and compare

GPU accelerated rendering

  • The software is GPU accelerated and can visualize very large data sizes.

Flexible configurable user interface

  • Configure workspace templates
  • Multiple windows
  • Annotations

Navigation & filtering

  • Linked views
  • Global temporal navigation
  • Data layer management
  • Arbitrary cross sections
  • Clipping planes

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Meet our partners and customers

Interspectral operates on the global market and have customers and partners in over 20 countries. We are trusted by leading organizations within both industry and academia.

What our clients think

  • Volum-e, France

    "We were in search of solutions that could make our development and quality assurance more efficient when we discovered AM Explorer by Interspectral. We now use AM Explorer for quick quality control in our serial production. AM Explorer is our go-to software for understanding non-conformities."

    Clément Barret
    MMB Volum-e, France

  • NTT Data XAM Technologies, Japan

    "We believe that cost reduction and quality assurance are key to the further growth of AM. In-process data is crucial to address these challenges, From understanding physical phenomena to process management, AM Explorer is an important software for our process development and improvement."

    Hitoshi SAKAI
    General Manager & CTO, NTT Data XAM Technologies, Japan

  • AMEXCI, Sweden

    "At AMEXCI we are bringing AM applications from design preparation to testing, generating different data types along the workflow. We believe that Interspectral will be of great value to visualize this digital thread in one place on real time and to compare one data type to another."

    Maud Chidiac
    Program Manager AI at AMEXCI, Sweden

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