Interspectral empowers AM Explorer with AI-driven analytics, enhanced quality assurance in metal additive manufacturing – witness it in action at AMUG

Interspectral proudly announces its commitment to innovation through the integration of AI-powered automated anomaly detection in AM Explorer. With a modular approach to AI, Interspectral aims to accelerate the quality assurance workflow for end customers, reducing the need for manual review – saving both time and money.

“Artificial intelligence and automated anomaly detection are integral parts of our strategic roadmap. The integration of AI into AM Explorer represents a significant milestone for us and our customers. We are dedicated to providing the AM industry with state-of-the-art solutions, and this new enhancement will greatly improve the automated analysis capabilities of AM Explorer,” says Isabelle Hachette, CEO at Interspectral.

Accelerating quality assurance is key to fully industrialize AM. According to various market reports, the cost of quality assurance and post-processing can represent between 30-90% of the total cost per part in metal AM. Reducing this cost will be crucial for fully industrializing AM technology and increasing its industrial adoption.

“AM Explorer is designed to accelerate the quality assurance workflow, helping our customers cut costs and improve quality. Today, we see a cost reduction of over 50% when introducing AM Explorer into a traditional QA workflow. With our new AI-powered functionalities, we believe these savings will be significantly enhanced,” explains Isabelle Hachette, CEO at Interspectral.

AM Explorer – Transforming data into insights
AM Explorer is successfully used by customers worldwide to improve process monitoring and quality assurance for L-PBF and other metal AM technologies. With its powerful data fusion and 3D visualization capabilities, users can explore the complete digital twin of a build job, including data from all process steps such as simulation, process monitoring, and post-build analysis.

The new AI-module is fully integrated into the EOSCONNECT workflow and performs an analysis on the powder bed images. It can identify the most important and common anomaly classes, including lack of powder, craters, and elevated parts. The module has been developed based on the needs and training data from existing AM Explorer customers, including the leading French service provider – Expert in AM : from development to mass production, R&D metal materials AM – MMB VOLUM-e.

“We are successfully using AM Explorer for quality control in serial production. With help of AI powered automated analysis we will be able to further accelerate our workflow. We look forward to continuing our journey with Interspectral.” Stated Clément Barret, at MMB VOLUM-e.

A modular approach to AI – developed in collaboration with real users
Interspectral adopts a modular approach to AI, allowing customers to choose between pre-trained models delivered by Interspectral or to have a custom model tailored for a specific machine and material. Customers can also use existing AI models together with AM Explorer.

“We have chosen to adopt a modular approach to AI. Our customers will be able to choose from a variety of pre-trained models developed by Interspectral and our partners. For demanding users, we can tailor our models specifically to the machine, material, and application of the customer”, explains Thomas Rydell, Product & Business Manager at Interspectral.

Witness it in action at AMUG
At the AMUG conference in Chicago, March 10-14th, Interspectral will present its integration of AI-powered automated anomaly detection in AM Explorer with a work-in-progress demo showcasing an AI module developed specifically for EOS printers.

Visit Interspectral’s booth at AMUG, Salon D at booth 88, to witness the innovation firsthand or book a demo here.

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