Leading European research institute Fraunhofer ILT joins AM Explorer early access program

Interspectral enters a new agreement with Fraunhofer ILT a leading European AM research institute based in Aachen, Germany. Fraunhofer ILT will now under a new development and license agreement get early access to Interspectral’s software AM Explorer.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT is worldwide one of the most important development and contract research institutes within its field.

Process monitoring and the process-oriented analysis and assessment of the acquired measurement data is an important piece of the puzzle on the way to the industrialization of AM processes and the qualification of AM components.

One of the main challenges is the consolidation of different data sources and types in order to increase the process understanding and to derive the next development steps in additive manufacturing. We believe AM Explorer covers this need and we now look forward to access and use the software as part of Interspectrals early access program.

Talu Ünal-Saewe, Digitization in Laser Material Deposition, Fraunhofer ILT
Talu Ünal-Saewe, Digitization in Laser Material Deposition, Fraunhofer ILT

The activities cover a wide range of areas such as the development of new laser beam sources and components, precise laser based metrology, testing technology and industrial laser processes such as laser additive manufacturing methods including LPBF and DED-LB. 

It’s now just 4 months since we released AM Explorer on the open market, it has been a very busy period and we have worked hard to further develop the software to meet the customer needs.  The market reaction has so far been positive.

Adding Fraunhofer ILT to our early access program is a very good sign that AM Explorer can create value in very demanding state-of-the-art research environments.

Thomas Rydell, Co-founder, Interspectral
AM Explorer – Fuse, visualize and explore your metal AM process data in 3D.

AM Explorer makes it possible to fuse, explore and analyze design files, simulation data, machine monitoring data and post-build metrology data from the metal additive manufacturing process in 3D. The software package is specifically designed for metal AM and will enable the researchers to better explore and understand the data generated in their work.

Are you interested to learn more about AM Explorer or would like to join our early access program, please visit our web page or reach out to us directly. 

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