Interspectral’s AM Explorer Powers Collaboration with Eureka & Nikon SLM Solutions in redefining Pump Impeller

Interspectral announces its pivotal role in a collaboration between EUREKA, a Norwegian pump supplier, and Nikon SLM Solutions, one of the top 3D printer manufacturers . This triumvirate has redefined pump impeller design and production through the transformative capabilities of additive manufacturing, with Interspectral’s AM Explorer software playing a key role.

The collaboration saw the creation of a reimagined pump impeller, designed by EUREKA and printed by Nikon SLM Solutions using Free Float technology. Interspectral’s AM Explorer provided a comprehensive analysis software, making advanced SLM monitoring data easily accessible throughout the manufacturing process.

Key Achievements and Advancements:

1. Swift Production: Traditional impellers of this size typically have a 20-week delivery time. Through additive manufacturing, this was drastically reduced to just 1 week, showcasing the efficiency gains enabled by AM technology.

2. Reduced Lead Times: The collaboration with Nikon SLM Solutions, integrating Free Float and INC718, further decreased production duration. The Free Float technology notably reduced the need for support materials by 70%, contributing to approximately 10% faster build times.

3. Holistic View of Manufacturing Process: AM Explorer provided a full 3D view of all data channels, eliminating data silos and allowing for a holistic view of the additive manufacturing process. This integration with simulations and post-build analyses showcased the power of a digital twin from the build job.

Thomas Rydell, VP Product and Business Development at Interspectral, stated, “In AM Explorer end users, such as Eureka, can explore and analyse all monitoring data provided via the SLM.Quality API in an easy and intuitive way in full 3D. The digital twin from the build job can then also be integrated with simulations and post-build analyses, eliminating data silos and allowing for a holistic view of the additive manufacturing process.”

Fabrizio Ragusa, Global Business Development Director Energy of Nikon SLM Solutions, added, “This case study demonstrates that SLM Solutions is able to support a digital end-to-end supply chain, offering an open architecture ecosystem that allows various software to integrate with our equipment.”
This collaborative effort between EUREKA, Nikon SLM Solutions, and Interspectral has not only set new benchmarks in pump impeller design and production but has also showcased the transformative potential of additive manufacturing. The success of this partnership emphasizes the critical role of strategic alliances in pushing technological boundaries and advancing the possibilities within the additive manufacturing landscape.

Read the full case study at Nikon SLM website. To see AM Explorer live drop by at our booth at Formnext on Hall 12.1 booth A81.

About Eureka:

EUREKA is a Norwegian pump supplier with more than 40 years of experience in the oil & gas and marine industry, offering a range of pumps and generator sets that covers a majority of applications. EUREKA supplies to new builds and operates advanced maintenance and service. The company also offers services for upgrading, modification, equipment testing, installation and commissioning.

EUREKA is a market leader among companies operating on the Norwegian Continental shelf, and it is also present in International markets with selected applications, based on own technology. EUREKA PUMPS main office is in Oslo (Fornebu), Norway, and has branch offices at strategic locations along the Norwegian coast. EUREKA also has office in Houston.

EUREKA PUMPS is one of two companies in Eureka Group AS a leading supplier of process critical equipment and safety critical products and solutions. Eureka offers services ensuring continuous production, a perspective that safeguards optimal operations and lower life-cycle costs. Eureka Group AS is owned by Moreld and Aker ASA.


About Nikon SLM Solutions:

Nikon SLM Solutions AG is a global provider of integrated metal additive manufacturing solutions. Leading the industry since its inception, it continues to drive the future of metal AM in every major industry with its customers’ long-term success at its core. Nikon SLM Solutions is home to the world’s fastest metal additive manufacturing machines boasting up to 12 lasers and enabling build rates of up to 1000ccm/h. With a portfolio of systems to suit every customer’s needs, along with its team of experts closely collaborating at every stage of the process, Nikon SLM Solutions leads the way on return on investment with maximum efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Nikon SLM Solutions believes that additive manufacturing is the future of manufacturing and has the desire and capability to take its customers there – right now.

Nikon SLM Solutions AG is a Company headquartered in Germany, with offices in Canada, China, France, India, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and the United States.

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