Interspectral releases AM Explorer – a visualization software for the additive manufacturing market

AM Explorer is a visualization software package designed specifically for users working with layer-based metal additive manufacturing. Initially developed for and in collaboration with Siemens Energy AB, AM Explorer will now be released for the broader AM market. 

Fuse, visualize and explore your metal AM process data in 3D.

AM Explorer makes it possible to fuse, explore and analyze design files, simulation data, machine monitoring data and post-build metrology data from the metal additive manufacturing process in 3D.

The software package is specifically designed for metal AM and will enable the user to explore and understand process data and may, as we have experienced, have a positive impact on the manufacturing costs, quality and timeline for application development.

The goal for AM Explorer is to make it easier for users to explore and understand process data and thereby reduce manufacturing costs, improve quality and speed up the application development.

“The first step in enabling far-reaching intricate designs and further pushing the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing is to see and understand what really has been printed.”   

Andreas Graichen, group manager in the AM Center of Competence, Siemens Energy AB, Finspång.

The software package has been developed by the Swedish visualization company Interspectral for and in collaboration with Siemens Energy AB Additive Manufacturing Center of Competence in Finspång, Sweden. 

The first step in enabling far-reaching intricate designs and further pushing the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing is to see and understand what really has been printed.

AM Explorer is now released on the market by Interspectral and will be further developed in dialogue with Siemens Energy AB and other early adopters and partners in the AM field.

“We are very pleased with the launch of AM Explorer to the market as we believe that it will bring value to the industry. We are looking forward to partnering up with additional innovative companies so we can learn even more about issues in the industry and further develop AM Explorer to overcome these challenges”

Thomas Rydell, Co-founder, Interspectral

AM Explorer is machine and data agnostic and is easily plugged into existing systems meaning that basically any organization working with metal 3D printing, can be up and running analyzing their data in minutes. 

“With AM Explorer users can explore data from their own process regardless of their infrastructure. In the same visual environment they can explore data ranging from design files, simulations, machine monitoring data and powder bed images to more complex data such as optical tomography and melt pool data, it’s even possible to explore CT scan data”

Thomas Rydell, Co-founder, Interspectral
State of the art additive manufacturing workshop at Siemens Energy AB in Finspång, Sweden. 
Photo: Courtesy of Siemens Energy AB

Siemens Energy is one of the world leaders in designing and producing commercial AM components for serial production and have one of the largest Metal AM Printer fleets in the world. The company will look into the possibilities of using the software in locations working with metal AM. 

“Additive Manufacturing is still in its relatively early development and has all the advantages one could ask for; in the potential it offers in new design and redesign. In collaborating with partners such as Interspectral, we at Siemens Energy AB, are able to further push boundaries and explore new designs.”

Andreas Graichen, group manager in the AM Center of Competence, Siemens Energy AB, Finspång

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For more information about AM Explorer and how it could help your company to accelerate the industrialization of metal AM technology, please visit the AM Explorer website:

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