Interspectral launch integration for EOS in AM Explorer – Streamlining the quality assurance process for end users 

Interspectral is proud to announce the launch of an EOS Connect integration module in AM Explorer. This new module offers EOS customers direct access to the comprehensive process monitoring data available from EOS machines within AM Explorer, just one click away. The integration represents a significant leap forward in the process monitoring and quality assurance for EOS end users.   

The solution is available today for users of EOS equipment with EOSCONNECT Core and has with success already been deployed at EOS end customers worldwide, including several major service providers, R&D labs, and powder suppliers. 

AM Explorer, Amexci Karlskoga. Fotograf Ristenstrand

We were in search of solutions that could make our development and quality assurance more efficient when we discovered AM Explorer by Interspectral. We now use AM Explorer for quick quality control in our serial production.   

AM Explorer is our go-to software for understanding non-conformities, and we’re looking forward to see how the product will evolve with more and more automation in future releases.”  stated Clément Barret, at MMB Volum-e a leading French service provider. 

AM Explorer, developed by Interspectral, is an OEM-agnostic 3D visualization software that empowers users to create multi-channel digital twins from design, simulation, process monitoring, and post-build part analysis data collected throughout the entire additive manufacturing (AM) process. 

“When conversing with the market, we recognized that many end users were grappling with laborious manual quality inspection processes. With this new feature, we’re addressing this challenge head-on, breaking down data silos for EOS users. They can now seamlessly access data from their printers and analyze it with powerful interactive 3D visualization, combining it with information from simulations and post-build analyses,” explained Isabelle Hachette, CEO at Interspectral. 

Isabelle Hachette, CEO at Interspectral.

The integration with EOSCONNECT Core within AM Explorer brings value to EOS customers by providing them with easy and direct access to EOS machine data such as PowderBed and OT images. AM Explorer allows to aggregate data from different sources and create a 3D visualization of a part. Data can be seamlessly integrated with simulations and post-build analyses, eliminating data silos and allowing for a holistic view of the additive manufacturing process. 

Our initial studies with service providers indicate that our solution can reduce manual quality inspection costs by over 50% and significantly mitigate the risk of critical errors,” shared Isabelle Hachette, CEO of Interspectral.”

Interspectral is dedicated to being an OEM-agnostic partner, committed to openness and interoperability. This commitment enables them to seamlessly collaborate with leading industry OEMs like EOS, empowering end users to maximize the potential of their additive manufacturing processes without limitations.  

Interspectral became a member of the EDN approximately a year ago, and we have been truly impressed by the remarkable level of integration they have achieved with our APIs and tools. We firmly believe that by offering open APIs and actively supporting developers, we are paving the path for the industrialization of additive manufacturing.“, Mirco Schöpf, Senior Manager Product, EOS of North America.

The solution will be presented at Formnext, taking place from November 7th to 10th. Book your demo today or visit Interspectral’s booth at Hall 12.1, Booth A81. 

About Interspectral 
Interspectral is a tech company specializing in 3D digitization, 3D visualization, and advanced data fusion, based in Norrköping, Sweden. The company operates on the global market and has customers in over 20 countries.  

Interspectral develops AM Explorer, a visualization software package that makes it possible to fuse, explore and analyze simulation, monitoring, and post-build part analysis data from the metal additive manufacturing process.   

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