Interspectral is a Microsoft Partner

Interspectral has partnered with Microsoft through their Startup Program. The partnership enables support in software development as well as providing a wide outreach to multiple markets by communicating directly with customers via Microsoft products and services. The partnership spans over multiple areas and includes networking and marketing activities within Museums and Science, EdTech and much more. An advantage for Interspectral, beside networking, is more power in software development granting access to new features, releases, customer relations and resources.

CEO Louise Lennersten remarked, “By becoming a partner, we can broaden our customer reach within the Museums and Science communication sector while having a stronger message about our services for digitalization and visualization of historical artifacts. This is a key target market for us and with many successful projects under our belt, it is the perfect time for us to move into this joint adventure.”

Interspectral has also become a part in Microsoft’s EDU partner network, meaning that customers using Microsoft products will be able to access Inside Explorer through Microsoft’s portals.

“Our customers have expressed great interest in a cloud solution,” Said Louise. “This partnership is a big step closer to us meeting those customer demands and our goal of making inside explore more accessible to the general public.”

The partnership also brings more alternatives in hardware options to Inside Explorer customers by adding a larger supply of both laptops and mid-sized touch screens for smaller businesses and venues.

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