This is Inside Explorer – The software where you can digitally explore the inside of things. It is loaded with real-time rendered 3D visualizations based on unique scientific data.


Today it’s your turn to get your hands on that very same 3D X-ray data that scientists, doctors or veterinarians use to investigate the inside of an object or body without leaving a scratch. Inside Explorer comes pre-installed with a selection of fascinating animal datasets beautifully visualized for everyone to enjoy.

Golden eagle
lion 2
grey seal

Download now

Ready to investigate scientific data from home? Inside Explorer can be downloaded from Steam.


The experience does not end here! Stay tuned for upcoming DLC's packed with mind blowing datasets, like ancient mummies, meteorites, amphibians and much more.

Based on 3D X-ray data

Created together with scientists & researchers

Unique datasets from all over the world

Learn anatomy, history & natural science from home

Inside Explorer is not only super easy-to-use, totally unique and based on actual science, it is also very useful for students, kids or curious minds who want to learn by studying the invisible.

Understand anatomy and biology by looking inside our bodies, learn about history and culture by unwrapping mummies or historical artifacts or dig into natural science by investigating the physics of various animals. You will be surprised what can be found.