Meet the AM Explorer team at The Additive Intelligence 4.0 Conference

Interspectral will be a sponsor and exhibitor at The Additive Intelligence 4.0 Conference in Gothenburg May 31st-June1st. 

At the conference Interspectral will present its solution AM Explorer a visualization software package that makes it possible to fuse, explore and analyze simulation, monitoring and post build part analysis data from the metal additive manufacturing process.

In collaboration with Interspectral partner and member in early access program  RISE a AM Explorer case study will be demonstrated.

Interspectral will also give visitors to The Additive Intelligence 4.0 Conference a glimpse of the future by presenting ongoing work featuring AR applications and a new interactive cloud streaming solution making it possible to work with massive process monitoring data on any device anywhere.

The Additive Intelligence 4.0 conference aims to address various parts along the value chain in additive manufacturing, everything from design and product development, material development and properties, to the manufacturing itself and post processes such as surface and heat treatment and quality assurance.

Learn more about the conference and register here

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