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About us.

We bridge the gap between research and public outreach

Interspectral is a visualization software company focused on volumetric rendering and 3D-digitization. We started out as a research project and was spun off in 2015 and have been successful ever since.  Our core business is to develop and market our visualization software Inside Explorer and provide both custom solutions, open solutions for a broader audience and professional services.

Why Interspectral?

A well-proven team.

The Interspectral team consists of a mix of engineers, behavioral scientists, designers, 3D-visualization and 3D-imaging experts and business developers.

Our RnD team have a background in state-of-the-art visualization projects within academia and R&D intensive industry while the rest of the team come from a variety of businesses and branches.

Feel free to reach out to any of us for requests, questions or support.

Get in touch.

Our business team at your disposal.

Louise Lennersten

Louise Lennersten

CEO and Business development within Education.
Louise is in charge of our Education area and EdTech business. Reach out directly to Louise for information about how Inside Explorer for Education can be used for your School or science center.


Richard Bremer

Richard Bremer

Business development within Museums & Science communication.
Richard is in charge of our Museums area and knows all things public usage of Inside Explorer. Reach our directly to Thomas for information about how Inside explorer can support your Museum or public center.


Thomas Rydell

Thomas Rydell

Co-Founder, Business developer, Industry 

Thomas knows all things Industry and is our go to guy for professional customers. Reach our directly to Thomas for information about how Inside explorer can support your application area.


Gabriella Bergsten

Gabriella Bergsten

Business development within Animal anatomy and education

Gabriella is in charge of our Animal anatomy area for education and training. Reach out directly to Gabriella for all things animal related and for information about how Inside Explorer can be used for your business


Our Tech Team

Behind Inside Explorer

Our development team consists of both developers, designers, and UX/UI, all located in Norrköping with the rest of the team.

Kalle Lindberg is our senior developer and Team lead. Kalle is our go-to guy on both small scale and large scale projects

Claes Ericson is our UX/UI specialist with an eye for details and an interest in historical artifacts

Kristofer Jansson is our designer and transforms our datasets into vivid and dynamic experiences

Fredrik Johnson is our developer with a strong heartbeat for code and gaming. Teams up with Kalle and supports us in technical projects