Museums & Science communication

Museums & Science Communication

Tailored solutions for museums

Interspectral offer tailored solutions for museums to digitize artefacts and objects using CT-scanning, photogrammetry and laser scanning. In combination with our software Inside Explorer, museum visitors can by themselves explore the artefacts, adding a new dimension to the museum experience.

Our customers include leading institutions such as British Museum, London Natural History Museum, The Field Museum of Natural History, Rijksmuseum and the Nobel Museum.

Museums - our core business

We can bring your historical artifacts to life using interactive 3D-visualization solutions. We have many years of experience working with existing data, such as CT-scans, photogrammetry or laser scanning, to create digital replicas of artifacts - suitable for the public. The final result is presented in our Inside Explorer software, on state of the art 4K touch tables, developed for public environments.

We can also support and guide you in the digitization and data collection process.

Science Centers - bridging the gap

By using Inside Explorer in your exhibit, your visitor can get access to captivating 3D content from researchers worldwide, covering human anatomy, animal anatomy, and natural history. The Inside Explorer learning experience will engage visitors to increase their knowledge as they explore the data by themselves.

Aquariums & Animal parks

Since we have 3D-models of hundreds of animals, your visitors can virtually dissect and learn more about the animals while exploring your aquarium or animal park. Each dataset is based on information from leading researchers and  biologists.

Extensive library, including high quality 3D-content

Interspectral collaborates with leading researchers, museums, collections and other organizations to build an extensive library, including high quality 3D-content. All content is available to our customers, making Inside Explorer a platform to improve the learning experience by giving access to unique 3D-content. If you are interested in collaborating with Interspectral, feel free to reach out to us.

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