Learning made interesting.

Inside Explorer for Education.

Inside Explorer is used worldwide to create educational experiences allowing users to learn about a wide variety of subjects including human anatomy, mummies and Martian meteorites.

Inside Explorer for Education allows teaching and interacting on multiple displays in classrooms on all education levels and offer the largest data library of real captured data within natural sciences, history and anatomy. Inside Explorer is easily downloaded to computers for instant usage and interaction.

How, what and why?

Hypotheses and important questions.

Inside Explorer creates value through interaction with scientifically based data. The students look at the same data as the doctor, veterinarian, and scientist in an easy-to-use-software. The scientific data stimulate the student to ask questions as "how?", "what?" and "why?". It also allows the students to create hypotheses and answer them with Inside Explorer and learn from each other.  

Learn from questioning not memorizing. 

Classroom teaching.

Inside Explorer for classroom teaching.

Interactive educational software accelerate learning through visualization and exploration. Inside Explorer tickles curiosity and invite students to investigate items in detail over and over again.

Our customers use Inside Explorer to increase knowledge and exploration of real captured items within Natural Sciences, anatomy and history. Inside Explorer is just as suitable for primary schools as for higher education.

Digital dissection.

Inside Explorer for virtual dissection.

Inside Explorer is suited for education and information about both common and rare species. Users of Inside Explorer can learn in a more explorative way how real frogs, animals and insects look on the inside and study their anatomy in detail.

Our customers have experienced the many benefits with digital dissection which Inside Explorer enables. Advantages, such as being a great tool to get more familiar with the item, and a great support for deeper knowledge and information.

Furthermore, exotic animals are rare to anatomize, but with Inside Explorer, the students are offered multiple species to explore and learn more about.

Education News.

Monash Tech School evaluates Inside Explorer during a three month trial.

Monash Tech Shool in Australia, has entered an agreement with Interspectral to evaluate Inside Explorer during a three month trial ...

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Reading University is one of UK’s largest and most well-renowned universities with more than 17 000 students. In a new collaboration ...

YXLON and Interspectral together at ToScA, Florida

At the Tomography for Scientific Advancement Symposium (ToScA), March 6th-8th, YXLON and Interspectral joined forces to enhance future possibilities to ...

Education References.

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Where inside knowledge meets outward thinking Students at All Saints Anglican school in Merrimac, Australia, can now sate their curiosity ...

Ballarat Tech School, Victoria

Ballarat Tech School, located in Victoria, Australia, decided to invest in five Inside Explorer touch tables to support their vision ...

Dog exhibition in Gothenburg

Blå Stjärnan Animal Hospital in Gothenburg is Sweden's largest animal hospital and the most abundant. Each year they receive more ...

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