Inside explorer 3d technology.



Inside Explorer is used worldwide to create educational experiences allowing users to learn about a wide variety of subjects within natural science, medical and history.


Museums & Science communication.

Inside Explorer is used by museums in theme exhibitions or to publicly showcase historical artefact on touch tables or screens.



Interspectral offers software and custom solutions for interactive 3D visualization. We transform your complex data to an easy-to-use experience.

Inside Explorer.

Intuitive and innovative visualization software.

Interspectral develops Inside Explorer – an interactive and intuitive software with volumetric rendering and 3D-visualization of real captured data.

With the largest content library of scientific data, our customers use Inside Explorer for education, for public display and for professional use. 



We collaborate with schools all over the globe

Inside Explorer is used by customers for education in classrooms for group collaborations, individual work and home studies . Other customers use Inside Explorer for group studies in joint areas or centers.

We are able to offer a variety of setups for any educational purpose. We collaborate with well renown content partners  and have customers world wide.

Museums & Science communication.

Our technology is used by customers worldwide.

Our technology is today used by leading museums and science centers worldwide including well known institutions such as British Museum ,  London Natural History Museum, The Field Museum of Natural History, Universeum, Frost Science and Cité de Sciences.



Interspectral offers software and custom solutions for professional 3D visualization. We are experts on creating tools that transform your complex volumetric and surface 3D data into an easy-to-use experience.