Boonshoft Mummy


Listen to Jill E. Krieg-Accrocco, Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. Learn more!


02. Historical buildings in 3D

Listen to Christel Storm, The Castle and Cathedral Museum in Linköping. Learn more!


03. Digital museums, the future?

Listen to Benjamin Moreno, CEO of IMA Solutions. Learn more!

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The Go Digital series of webinars will take you through the fascinating stories behind the datasets we produce with and for our customers. Each dataset has a story of its own. Listen to museums, science centers and researchers worldwide, sharing their stories & experience on digitization and 3D visualization. Get to know the human, animal or artifact behind the data.

New session every other week.

What will you learn during the series?

Bring research into the exhibition room

Digitize collection artifacts

Package science and history for education

3D visualization and digital dissection

Create narrative with museum interactives

Webinar schedule

01. Get to know the woman behind the wrappings

Jill E. Krieg-Accrocco, Curator of Anthropology & Exhibitions at Boonshoft Museum of Discovery will take us through the story of a 2,700 year old mummy Nesiur that was donated to the museum in the 1920’s. 

This webinar has ended.

02. Historical buildings in 3D

The castle in Linköping, Sweden, was first built in the 12th century and is one of the oldest buildings still standing. Through the years, the castle and dome have been put through numerous transformations. Christel Storm, Museum Director at The Castle and Cathedral Museum in Linköping guides you through a history including a huge fire, a “blood bath” and a battle.


03. Digital museums, the future?

Ben Moreno, the founder of IMA solutions, will talk about his close work with museums all over Europe. He will guide us through a digital museum captured with high tech cameras, implemented with new interactive functions and media integrations. Also, how this enables customized storytelling and other benefits and challenges.

4th of June, 5pm (CEST)

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