Siemens AM Explorer


Siemens AM Explorer is a 3D visualization tool that will accelerate industrialization of metal additive manufacturing developed for Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery.

The challenge

Additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D-printing, is revolutionizing the way Siemens prototype, produce and repair components for industrial turbines. It will save both time and resources in production, and at the same time be able to give the final product better performance due to implementation of new designs and materials.

State of the art additive manufacturing workshop at Siemens in Finspång, Sweden. 
Photo: Courtesy of Siemens

However, metal additive manufacturing is extremely complex and not yet a fully mature and robust process, so there are still many barriers to reach full industrialization.

“To improve and ultimately industrialize the process you need to capture, explore and understand large amounts of heterogenous data from the manufacturing process and increase domain knowledge. There is a need for a tool that generates true insights and new knowledge from the data” 

Andreas Graichen, Head of Additive Manufacturing Center of Competence at Siemens.

The solution 

To find a solution Siemens has entered a project with Interspectral to develop a new 3D visualization tool called AM Explorer.

“Based on our core visualization technology we are designing an intuitive tool that will support interactive exploration and collaboration. Using AM Explorer Siemens, will learn more from the data that they collect, increase domain knowledge and minimize trial and error.”

Thomas Rydell, Business Developer, Interspectral

With the help of AM Explorer, Siemens will be able to import and visualize a large amount of heterogenous data from the metal additive manufacturing process in the same working environment.

CAD files, data from sensors and cameras, simulations, and metrology systems such as laser scanners and CT scanners, can be fused and visualized using the same tool. Engineers can filter, navigate, explore and analyze the data in an intuitive way. They can detect anomalies and trace why and where in the manufacturing process the anomaly appeared.

The goal is for the AM Explorer to make it easier for engineers to gain insights into the additive manufacturing process and communicate challenges and solutions with stakeholders, ultimately allowing for the technology to be industrialized faster.

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