Interactive 3D visualization software for engaging learning experiences


Interactive 3D visualization software for engaging learning experiences

Discover and learn

Inside Explorer is an interactive software that allow its users to explore visualizations of 3D data. Designed as an educational tool for the public, users can digitally investigate the inside of objects like never before.

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A flexible solution for everyday users



Exhibit real scientific data that allows users to dive inside objects.

User intuitive

User friendly

Pairing the industry standard touch gestures with an easy-to-use interface.


Story telling

Customizable information points are scatter throughout the object.

State of the art 3D visualization


Our experts ensure every item is a digital twin, beautifully showcased.

robust and stable

Robust and stable

Some of the world’s largest museums run Inside Explorer 24/7 on their exhibit floor.

Flexible hardware solutions

Flexible hardware options

Run Inside Explorer on laptops for virtual education or on large touch screens in an exibit.


Multilingual support

Inside Explorer comes in several language options with the ability to add more.




Touch gestures allow the user to zoom around objects, peel away layers or use the virtual scissors to see inside.

You are looking at the real thing!

 Inside Explorer is your way to showcase 3D-visualizations based on CT-scans, combined with several 3D methods for realistic and fascinating results.

How to run Inside Explorer

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Software only

Inside Explorer is available as software only and can be installed and used on anything from laptops to large scale multi-touch tables.

Display: Aspect: 16:9,
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 or higher
Touch technology: Windows native touch input (touch is not a requirement)
OS: Windows 10
CPU: Intel Core i5 / i7
RAM: 8 GB Storage: SSD, 128 GB
GPU: Workstation NVIDIA GPU, Geforce 1070 or faster Laptops NVIDIA GPU, Geforce 1050 or faster


Turnkey solution

Inside explorer can be delivered as a turnkey solution on premium multi-touch tables designed for use in demanding environments such as unattended public settings.

These tables are available in sizes from 40” up to 65.

Designed to educate

Inside Explorer can be found all over the world in educational organizations aiming to create the best learning experience possible for their audience.

Science Centers

Aquariums and Animal parks

You're in good company

Trusted by the world's top museums and science centers

You're in good company

Trusted by the world's top museums and science centers

Interspectral online store

Interactive digital science exhibits
for Inside Explorer

At Interspectral we work with leading researchers, museums, collections and organisations worldwide to create educating and entertaining digital exhibitions featuring interactive 3D visualizations spanning a wide variety of topics.

Thinking about producing and exhibiting your own 3D content? We are here to help!

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Using technologies such as Computed Tomography, MRIs, MicroCT to capture
3-dimensional data or photogrammetry for surface data.

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Using our inhouse tools and highly experienced team, we combine all the data to generate interactive 3D visualizations, animations, images and 3D prints.


The final product is exhibited in Inside Explorer allowing users to explore hidden secrets of the item.

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