Isabelle Hachette – new CEO at Interspectral

Interspectral continues to grow. On April 1, Isabelle Hachette will take over as the new CEO of Interspectral. Isabelle brings over 20 years of experience in global sales and application development for medical imaging and visualization. A perfect time to join as Interspectral is experiencing strong growth in its two main areas: interactive visualization for learning and engagement and in industrial applications. 

“We welcome Isabelle Hachette and are very happy that she has accepted the role of CEO at Interspectral. Isabelle’s ability to create commitment and driving force in global companies with a high rate of change feels just right with where our company is now. Her experience and previous results in business development and sales are a strength that will help Interspectral in this expansive phase.”

Staffan Truvé, Chairman of the Board at Interspectral

“Interspectral is an innovative company with great competence and unique products in 3D visualization, with a very competent team. The company is in an exciting phase with expansion in several business areas. It feels incredibly exciting to take on this task.” says Isabelle Hachette. “I look forward to taking on the role of CEO and driving Interspectral forward, together with our customers and partners, towards continued growth and development.” 

Isabelle Hatchette
Isabelle Hachette

Isabelle has a master’s degree in technical physics and electrical engineering with a specialization in signal and image processing, and an MBA in industrial leadership and economics. She joins Interspectral from the listed medical technology company SyntheticMR, where she was sales manager, and the global account manager for Siemens Healthineers and Philips Healthcare, which resulted in two unique reseller agreements with these leading system manufacturers. Isabelle has previous long experience from ContextVision where she initiated and developed a new product area within 3D visualization and was also technical customer manager. Isabelle brings with her a great deal of knowledge and an extensive network in medical imaging and visualization. 

Interspectral is a global 3D visualization company with software that transforms complex digital twins into engaging interactive virtual experiences. Interspersal’s customers use the company’s services and products in everything from scientific communication and education to professional use within industry. The company is growing and has several new products under development. 

“I see great potential within new sales in industrial applications with Interspectral’s AM Explorer. I also see a great opportunity to, together with this unique and creative team, further expand Inside Explorer both for existing customers and for new science centers around the world. The recently released streaming product Inside Explorer CloudTM also enables visualization in completely new environments. I see many synergies with my previous experiences and hope to add a lot of energy and new ideas together with my new colleagues.”

Isabelle Hachette

“We see a fantastic addition of Isabelle’s previous experience in business development, sales and team leadership. Isabelle also has a very relevant background in the medical image and visualization industry and will be an excellent addition to our team.”

Thomas Rydell, co-founder of Interspectral 

“Thomas Rydell, co-founder and former CEO has done a fantastic job and will now be able to focus on product and business development, especially in the expansive area of AM Explorer,” says Staffan Truvé, Chairman of the Board of the company.

For more information contact: 

Staffan Truvé, 0705-933885, 

Isabelle Hachette, 0708-735369,

Meet Interspectral’s new CEO – Isabelle Hachette


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