Science Centers

Educate, engage & fascinate your visitors with digital 3D exhibitions

Inside Explorer for Science Centers

Allow your visitors to become explorers. By offering real scientific data and our cutting-edge software, we allow your visitor to interact with captivating 3D content straight from scientists and researchers. Designed to be an educational tool and with the worlds' largest Scientific 3D library, your visitors will be able digitally dissect virus particles to Egyptian mummies.

Making the invisible visible

We have work with leading researchers, museums, collections and other organizations worldwide by developing their CT-scans into interactive 3D visualizations.

We have now built the world's largest scientific 3D library and it is forever expanding as we add new content partners.

Built for public interaction, we developed an educational display software that allows visitors to interact with these 3D visualizations.


"We use the table to perform shows in the anatomical theatre. For these shows, we have called for visitors nearby and asked them to sit down while we explain the experiment and how to interact with the content before them. When we have young visitors, the focus is on simple matters, like how to press the screen, but for older visitors we give information about the technology and the content they are watching."

Tomas Nilsson, Exhibition Manager, Tom Tits Experiment, Sweden

The benefits of bringing your objects to life

  • Interactive

    Visitors can touch and explore the digital version

  • Retention

    Has shown that visitors will spend 3X more time exploring the artifact

  • Never out of date

    As a digital solution, you can easily update the content or add new content

  • Professional software

    ongoing software updates and around the clock support

  • Story telling

     Use our expert team to display a story

  • Beyond your walls

    use the content for virtual learning or events

  • Multiple purposed

    Scientist, researchers and educators can use the software

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Our team is here to help

Feel free to reach out to us via the contact form, email or phone. Whatever suits you best. Let us just know if you're interested in a demonstration of our products or services and we will contact you to set up an appointment as soon as possible.