Enhance the experience of the physical world with digital objects

Allow visitors to interact with your digital collection onsite

We offer tailored solutions for museums to digitize artefacts and objects and  showcase their research and collections in public exhibitions. In combination with our software Inside Explorer, museum visitors can by themselves explore the artefacts, adding a new dimension to the museum experience.

Tell the untold stories of your objects while honoring and preserving the collection for future generations

Neswaiu mummy, Mediterranean Museum

Bridge the gap between research and public engagement

field mummy bundles

Not all items in a museum are scannable or created equally. We will help you identify the right objects to digitalize


We work with all forms of 3D data and surface data for example, Computed Tomography (CT), MRI, Laser Scanning to Photogrammetry and  We also have a large network of scanning facilities and can help you find a facility to scan the object.

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CT scans do not always work out perfectly, therefore our team needs to evaluate the data to create a scope for the project.

mummy production phase inside explorer

Our team begins working and will meet with your team at various check points to ensure needs are being meet.

MHM neswaui mummy story telling

Every object has a hidden unique history waiting to be discovered, we help you create a story that will make visitors diving deep in the object.


A final copy be presented in the interactive software, Inside Explorer


"Insterspectral’s work aligns perfectly with the mission of the DSNH to create and provide meaningful and entertaining learning experiences for curious minds to engage with natural history, science, and nature while honoring and preserving collections for future generations.”

Jill E. Krieg-Accrocco, Curator of Anthropology & Exhibitions.


“We did not expect new finds in this project because the mummies had been scanned before. The bigger was our surprise that the new interactive visualization technology provided by Interspectral made many new details visible.”

Dr. Lara Weiss and Prof. dr. Maarten Raven, Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden, The Netherlands


“The technology will enable our visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the once living man behind the linen bandages. Layer by layer, the visitor can unwrap the mummy and gain knowledge of the individual’s sex, age, living conditions and beliefs. With help from the technology, the mummies become so much stronger mediators of knowledge of our past.”

Elna Nord, Exhibition Producer, The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm


“This technology allow us to learn more about life and death in ancient Egypt, but most importantly our visitors can take part in that exploration and discovery process.”

Neal Spencer, Keeper of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, British Museum, London

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How to digitally display your artifacts

Inside Explorer is developed to last while being used by millions. It is essential that the hardware that displays Inside Explorer in museums, is developed for the same purpose. Therefore, Interspectral works closely with its customers to ensure the right hardware is installed to meet the demands of your venue.

  • Large touch tables

  • Small touch tables or laptops

  • on video loops

  • Virtual workshops

  • Projections

Why work with us?

We have over 10 years experience of working with museum projects and collaborations and understand the importance of honoring cultural heritage. Our passion lies in telling stories, preserving memories and creating 3D visualisations that interpret your collection at the highest level and make your research acccessible to your visitors.

When visitors can touch and explore a digital copy or re-creation onsite it has shown that they'll also spend 3x times more time exploring the physical artifact.

Our team is here to help

Feel free to reach out to us via the contact form, email or phone. Whatever suits you best. Let us just know if you're interested in a demonstration of our products or services and we will contact you to set up an appointment as soon as possible.