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Ideas we develop now, potentially may well become a regular feature of science communication in the future, after this pandemic ceases. We take heart from this, where something new and good can emerge from these difficult times. We believe that, working proactively with our customers, we can both take advantage of this time to emerge with innovative new ways to communicate science.


Level up your virtual teaching using digitized artifacts and 3D visualization

Listen to Jacqueline V. EylYouth Education Director, tell us more about the International Spy museum and how they reveal the secret history of history and level up their virtual teaching using digitized artifacts and 3D visualization. 


Another exciting service is our very first consumer version of Inside Explorer on the gaming platforms STEAM. This enable anyone, with a gaming level computer, to experience at home, the unique scientific content coming from our scientific content partners that have joined us in this, such as The Field Museum, University of Florida and Kolmården Wildlife Park.    

These platform enable us to communicate and educate globally, and for you to reach your audience in new ways. Let us now if this sounds interesting for you to join as well and if it suits your current and future way of working.

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Pictures and videos for online outreach

We can support you by providing images and videos from your current interactive experience. This material could be used for social media, blog posts, virtual exhibitions and other digital learning resources. 

In that way you would be able to continue to communicate the key messages of the exhibit and enable online users to continue to access these experiences through streaming and workshops. This way they can continue to inspire and teach.

The Covid-19 Exhibition

We originally devised Inside Explorer to communicate complex ideas simply and enable the general public to visualise the invisible.  Never in recent history has such an invisible entity, as Covid-19, had such a global impact. To facilitate understanding of what Covid-19 is and how it affects us, we have been busy developing a Covid-19 related exhibit for Inside Explorer. 
This will enable users to explore both the virus itself and the effects on the human body. This will be available as an online tool, consumer download and for exhibition. In the same way as our other exhibits, it is based on the latest scientific data, such as scans from 3D electron microscopes and Computed Tomography (CT).
Louise Lennersten

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