Meet ben body

Our most detailed human anatomy dataset

meet ben body.

Explore the human anatomy

Explore the next level of human anatomy with Ben Body. Thanks to a combination of real-captured data and anatomical representations in 3D, the inside of Ben offers a detailed and thorough visual experience of a healthy human body.

Ben Body is perfect for public education and information, like museums and science centers who are looking to engage visitors in a capturing learning experience.

He has organs

Witness the appearance of a real heart or locate the position of a kidney. Ben Body comes equipped with organs beautifully visulized in a separate layer which makes virtual autopsies more thorough than ever. Plus, more fun.

A refined lymphatic system

This data set is designed by scientists for a deeper learning experience through a great range of visualized data, like a realistically modelled lymphatic system. Explore how the invisible becomes visible with Ben.

A real vascular system

Learn more about the great arteries and organs that keep our blood circulating and our body going. Through the use of contrast fluid during scanning a real-life vascular system was made visible for exploring.

A complete nervous system

Reach a deeper understanding of the complexity of the human body with this modelled representation of a complete nervous system. Bridge the gap between science and education with Ben.


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Louise Lennersten

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*Our human anatomy datasets are not suitable for higher medical studies but should be used for public education and information.