Transforming Industry 4.0 data to insights and experiences.


Transforming Industry 4.0 data to insights and experiences.

3D Visualisation for Manufacturing Industry

Most innovation within manufacturing industry is today data centered. In the world of Industry 4.0 value is mainly created by capturing and understanding data.

At we Interspectral we develop visualization software and services that support industry users to transform compex data into valuable insights and easy to use experiences


Our Offer



Our core is to develop and offer visualisation software that transform complex data to intuitive experiences.



Based on our inhouse developed software we offer complete visualisation solutions and take on custom projects.

CT scan


Together with our network of partners we offfer professional services including: 3D surface scanning, CT scanning, 3D visualisation


Innovation partner

Interspectral support companies in innovation projects. We can initiate, lead  or be a part of  RnD projects within 3D visualisation, AR and VR,

Customer and partners

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Siemens Energy

The first step in enabling far reaching intricate designs, further pushing the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing is to see and understand what really has been printed

Andreas Graichen, Head of Additive Manufacturing Center of Competence at Siemens Energy.

Siemens Energy

“We have chosen to give some of our customers access to Interspectral’s cloud solution as part of our response to the Covid-19 lockdown. In this way, we know that if there are conversations with the customer on the unit during the time when face to face support is more difficult, we can use the visualization to talk through gas turbine condition and make sure we support the customer so that they can keep the turbines running.”

Michal Gibbon, Customer Training Manager at Siemens Energy, Training and Competence Institute in Lincoln, UK


AM Explorer - Designed for the metal AM market

AM Explorer is a visualization software that makes it possible to fuse, explore and analyze simulation, monitoring and post build part analysis data from the metal additive manufacturing process.

Augmented Operator

Visualizing Digital Twins for Manufacturing Industry using Streamed AR


3D digitalisation and visualisation

  • Consultation and custom development
  • 3D surface scanning
  • 3D CT scanning
  • 3D visualisation


Online realtime exploration of Massive 3D CAD models

Transform your CAD files to attractive material for sales, marketing, training and education and distribute it as cloud service to any device.

Industry News

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UK additive manufacturing research centre AMRC joins AM Explorer early access program

Interspectral enters a new agreement with The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC).  The research centre will now under a ...

Leading US additive manufacturing research center, The Keck Center, joins AM Explorer early access program

Interspectral enters a new agreement with The W.M Keck Center for 3D innovation at The University of Texas in El ...
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